Cosmetic Surgery and Your Health

Cosmetic Surgery and Your HealthWhen it comes to cosmetic surgery, there are certain factors that can make a person a good or bad candidate for surgery. Most of these factors are tied to a person’s health, for undergoing a surgical procedure can be problematic if a person’s body is not healthy enough to handle the procedure. On the other hand, certain cosmetic surgeries can improve a person’s health and self image.

If you are interested cosmetic surgery, it is important to speak with a health physician to ensure that your body is healthy enough for the procedure. They can assess your health and if it will affect the procedure you are hoping to have done.

While speaking with a physician can give you a more specific answer to your particular situation, in general, here are some things to keep in mind in terms of cosmetic surgery and your health:

What Makes a Good Candidate?

Good candidates for cosmetic surgery are typically healthy men and women who are interested in surgery for the right reasons with healthy expectations. Many plastic surgeons can tell when someone is undergoing a surgical procedure for the benefit of someone else rather than for their own benefit. In this case, many surgeons may not recommend you for plastic surgery, as they recognize that this may not entirely be your decision. Plastic surgery is a big decision, thus it is important that a patient be one hundred percent on board. Apart from that, as long as your health is stable, in general, you will be considered a good candidate.

What Makes a Bad Candidate?

People with poor health or unreasonable expectations are usually considered bad candidates for cosmetic surgery.  If you have any health concerns we recommend getting a full physical prior to surgery. If Dr. Rose has concerns about the results from that physical, he may require a medical release form to be filled out from your treating physician.

Can Plastic Surgery Help My Health?

Apart from being a good or bad candidate, there are plastic surgical procedures that can actually help a person’s health. Many tend to think of cosmetic surgery as a choice—that the reason why someone undergoes surgery is for self-improvement or physical reasons.

However, some undergo plastic surgery because it actually helps their health. While the physical improvement is certainly beneficial to mental health and emotional well-being, there are certain surgeries that actually benefit a person’s overall health.

Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is often done because a patient is suffering from a deviated septum or cannot breathe properly. By having surgery, they can breathe and sleep better, apart from other benefits.

Moreover, women who have had breast cancer often undergo breast augmentation surgery. In fact, some women who have a family history of breast cancer will have a mastectomy just to avoid getting breast cancer, and they will have a breast augmentation procedure done.

Many people suffering from migraines have discovered that having Botox injections actually relieve their symptoms.

When it comes to having plastic surgery done, whether for health reasons or personal reasons, it is wise to speak with your physician in order to make sure you are a good candidate.


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