Facial Plastic Surgery

When the appearance of your face is out of harmony with the way you feel inside, it can affect your interactions with others. Many of Dr. Rose’s patients say that they were motivated to seek facial plastic surgery at his Utah practice by comments from friends and family about looking tired or even grumpy. Others say that their face looks older than they feel, or that a certain feature is out of proportion with the rest of their face. Dr. Rose specializes in helping you to achieve the facial appearance that best reflects your inner beauty through the following procedures:


At The Rose Clinic, facial plastic surgery for our Salt Lake City, Orem and Provo patients is not only about changing the way you look. It is about enhancing your unique face, and bringing balance and harmony to your features. Dr. Rose has been described as having the eye of an artist and the hand of a surgeon. Nowhere, is this more evident than in the many facial plastic surgery procedures he has performed. He will work with you to achieve natural looking results that compliment your own distinctive beauty and personality.

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Thank you soooo much, Dr. Rose. You are a great man with a great heart.S

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