Saline or Silicone?

One of the most commly asked questions we get at The Rose Clinic for Plastic and Migraine Surgery is “what is the difference between saline and silicone?”.  to help answer this question, a saline implant consists of a silicone shell that is filled with saline (salt water) solution after the implant is placed.  A silicone implant is also a silicone shell but it comes pre-filled with cohesive memory gel (silicone).  Simply put the main benefits to a silicone implant are that they are going to feel more natural and look more natural.  The majority of the patients at our clinic decide to go with silicone because of these two reasons. If you would like more information on either type of implant please call our office at (801) 375-7676 or visit our website at to view before and after photos.