The Importance of a Board Certified Surgeon

In order for a surgeon to become board certified they must go through a long demanding process that takes years to complete. The following training is required before a surgeon can be board certified:

– Four years of medical school
– One year of internship in General Surgery
– Three or more years residency in General Surgery
– Two to three years residency in Plastic Surgery
– Additional fellowships recommended but not required

The number of people seeking plastic surgery has increased dramatically over the years and more and more doctors are offering cosmetic surgery to their patients, so it is important you obtain accurate information regarding cosmetic surgery and the doctors who perform it. You should be aware of your doctor’s education, training, experience and competence with the cosmetic surgical procedure you are contemplating.
Anyone can wear a white coat, but not everyone is board-certified. Using the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ free Find a Surgeon tool, you can find information on qualified, highly-trained plastic surgeons near you or check to make sure the doctor you are considering is board certified. Surgery is a life long decision, it is important to make sure you are going to someone qualified.