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The nose is the central feature of the face, and has a dramatic impact upon your overall facial appearance. An overlarge or unattractive nose structure can be distracting to others and make you feel less confident in your appearance. Some people are born with a large nose, a bump on the bridge of the nose, or have an asymmetrical nose. As we age, the nose can appear longer, droopy, or more bulbous at the tip. A rhinoplasty, typically called a “nose job,” is the procedure that repairs aesthetic or functional problems in the nose. For those seeking conceivably the best results in rhinoplasty Utah has to offer, our accomplished plastic surgeon at The Rose Clinic in Provo, Utah can help you resolve irregularities and restore harmony and balance to your face.

Utah rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. Kevin Rose, has extensive experience reshaping unattractive noses, and performing nose reconstruction after an injury or trauma.

Reasons for Rhinoplasty

Those who are living with an unattractive, overlarge, or misshapen nose know the embarrassment of feeling that others are distracted when they look at your face.

It can feel as if people focus on your nose, or do not appreciate your other, more attractive facial features.

You may feel that your nose isn’t proportional or doesn’t “fit” with the rest of your face. Many complaints include a wide nasal tip, wide or excessively large nostrils, a “boxy” nose, bulbous or hanging tip, or a prominent bump on the bridge of the nose. Some patients suffer from breathing problems or sleep apnea related to the internal nose structure. When the nose structure must be repaired for health reasons, it is possible that health insurance will help to pay for the procedure.

Your insecurities or structural problems with your nose can be resolved with the help of Dr. Rose and his staff at The Rose Clinic who deliver amongst the top results in rhinoplasty Utah has to offer. Our skilled plastic surgeon in Utah can make small, discreet incisions within the nose structure, or at the base of the nose for minimal scarring. Once working within the nose area, our plastic surgeon will manipulate the cartilage, bone, or treat a deviated septum to resolve breathing issues.

Rhinoplasty Procedure

In your initial consultation, you will work closely with Dr. Rose to determine the type of rhinoplasty that is appropriate. The surgical procedure involves:


You will be put under anesthesia so the procedure is painless for you.

Accessing the nose

Our doctor will make incisions to access the internal structures of the nose. There are two types of incisions: endonasal, which are only inside the nose, and open, which are inside and outside the nose between the nostrils.


Using special instruments, Dr. Rose will manipulate the cartilage and bone to create the nose shape and size that is in balance with your other features. The tissues and bone in the nose can be reduced or removed to improve the size, length, or general shape. A tip graft can be created if the doctor needs to modify the shape of the tip of the nose. Grafts are usually constructed of cartilage or tissue fillers.

Finishing up

Once your nose is modified to the desired shape, Dr. Rose will close the incisions. You will then rest under observation.

The surgery usually takes between one and three hours depending on the complexity. The professional staff at The Rose Clinic will provide you with written aftercare instructions and schedule a follow-up appointment monitor your healing and recovery.

Surgery Risks & Recovery Time

After the procedure is complete, you will have a few weeks of recovery time before you will be able to resume your normal activities. The most common side effects are treatable with pain medication and quickly subside with time. Expect some swelling and bruising. You will have bandages and possibly a stint for support, and you must be careful to avoid bumping the nose area while dressing or during other daily activities. Follow all aftercare instructions carefully and return to The Rose Clinic for your follow-up appointment so we can check your nose area and ensure as is going as it should. Our patients report improved nasal function as well as a surge in self-confidence and happiness with a more balanced nose that makes the entire face appear more attractive and appealing.

An artistic eye is important in a nose job; the plastic surgeon should be able to create a nose shape and size that is in perfect harmony with the other facial features, looks natural, and is the most balanced shape and size. Dr. Kevin Rose is a true artist, and highly-regarded for his ability to create beautiful results in plastic surgery, including some of the top results in rhinoplasty Salt Lake City has to offer.

Rhinoplasty in Salt Lake City, Utah

Dr. Kevin Rose operates his plastic surgery center in the Salt Lake City area. He uses state-of-the-art technology to achieve high quality results while keeping the comfort and health of his patients as priorities. His creative eye and artistic abilities, as well as high-level surgical skills make him one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons for a rhinoplasty Salt Lake City has to offer. If you want a more flattering, appealing nose and have been considering a rhinoplasty procedure, schedule an initial consultation with our friendly staff to find out more.

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