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Facials are more than just relaxing treatments for your face. A facial is one part of a comprehensive, age-defying beauty regimen that will keep your skin hydrated, your complexion clear, help you maintain a more youthful appearance, and treat skin conditions.

A facial should be customized to match the needs of the individual – that’s our approach at The Rose Spa.

Rose Spa: Customized Facials

Be confident in the skin you’re in! Jaden, master esthetician at The Rose Spa, discusses facials at The Rose Spa. Offering five different types of facials, we customize your treatment to target your exact areas of concern. Male and female patients of all ages walk into our doors with dull, tired skin and leave with healthy, glowing, refreshed skin. Anyone can benefit from facials at The Rose Spa.

Benefits of Facials

A facial at The Rose Spa will not only improve the skin on your face, neck, and décolleté, it will also:

  • Prevent and treat common skin issues
  • Leave your complexion smooth and glowing
  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • Treat skin with active breakouts
  • Boost natural collagen production
  • Clean and shrink pores

The intense moisturization process of a facial will leave your skin refreshed, deeply hydrated, and your body relaxed. It’s one of the best self-care gifts to give yourself.

Facials at The Rose Spa

The Rose Spa exclusively offers custom facials. Unlike other spas, which have a one-size-fits-all approach to skincare, The Rose Spa offers a more tailored approach.

  • Before your appointment, you will have a consultation with our Master Esthetician.
  • In that meeting, you will discuss your needs and desired outcomes, and the Master Esthetician will take evaluate your skin condition.
  • After assessing your skin, the Master Esthetician will write out a specific, detailed plan for your custom facial, ensuring that your skin will receive the best, most soothing care, with optimal results.

This attention to detail and bespoke procedure is what sets The Rose Spa apart and makes our clinic one of the best places for you to meet all your beauty needs in Utah!

Our Facial Treatments: Restore the Glow! Facials in Utah

Rose Spa Signature Facial - 80 min: $180.00

Our Signature Facial is a head to toe experience of pure bliss! It incorporates the best of everything we have to offer. It includes:

  • Ultrasonic exfoliation and customized enzymes: Encourages healthy cell turnover.
  • Galvanic Currency: Enhances product absorption.
  • Ozone Oxygen and LED Light Therapy: Calms inflammation and promotes long-term skin health.

*Includes Signature Facial Lymph Massage, hand and arm massage, and peppermint foot wrap.

Balancing CBD Facial - 70 min: $100.00

This custom facial treats inflammation, irritation, and environmental damage with the innovative technology of CBD. Combined with targeted serums, customized masques, and high-frequency therapy, this facial will leave your skin soft, supple, and glowing! Promotes balanced oil production, healthy skin function, and minimization of unhealthy bacteria that can lead to breakouts and other problematic skin concerns.

Oxygen Infusion Facial - 60 min: $90.00

This advanced facial is designed to brighten, repair, and replenish natural radiance into the skin. Oxidation is the result of free radical damage, which accelerates aging and slows down healthy cell function. The highly-active ingredients in the facial along with ozone oxygen, will help to counteract oxidation and decongest the skin, aiding in healthier skin function and restoring luminosity to dull, lifeless skin.

Pumpkin Power Peel - 60 min: $85.00

Pamper yourself with our deluxe Pumpkin Peel! It provides all the benefits of a peel without any of the downtime. Pumpkin is rich in antioxidants and natural enzymes that help you shed dead skin cells and generate better cell turnover (something that slows down through age, stress, and environmental damage). Promotes healthier, smoother, more luminous skin!

4 Layer Enzyme Express - 35 min: $80.00

Don’t have the time for a full facial, but looking for an effective skin pick-me-up? Then this is the facial for you! This gentle yet effective facial provides deep exfoliation and maximum hydration while still giving you a little R&R- and who doesn’t want that? Perfect lunchtime facial or before any big event where you want your skin looking its best!

Red, White, & Beautiful Facial: $120.00

The Red, White, & Beautiful facial is a relaxing and renewing service suitable for all skin types. It provides a deep clean and hydration to invigorate the skin. The service includes an Oxygen cleansing treatment, Micro-scrub exfoliation, Blue Glacier Cryo Hydro Jelly mask, hand and arm massage, Hylunia Lemongrass Mist toning, Serum application, and 20 mins of Red-light therapy to regenerate cells and trigger blood flow. The service is completed with a foot massage and application of Alastin Hydratint SPF, so you are ready to Celebrate, Sparkle, & Shine!

Custom Facial: $120.00

What Should I Expect During a Facial?

Most facials are an average of 60 minutes, though the length of time for your facial at The Rose Spa will depend on the type of treatment you are receiving, and your skin type. If you have never had a facial before, here are some examples of what you may expect:

  • The tools used during your facial depends on the type of facial you are receiving, and can include a heat lamp, or application of a custom facial microcurrent. Our Master Esthetician will walk you through what will be used on your skin during your consultation at The Rose Spa.
  • If your facial is primarily to soothe and hydrate, fewer tools are needed.
  • Some facials are designed to help improve certain skin concerns, such as acne, and will include extraction of blackheads or whiteheads, or a use more powerful topical solution than in other facials.
  • Even with the use of tools or extractions, facials are no painful. You may experience some pinching or tingling sensations, but no pain.

When your facial is complete, you can feel confident that you will leave The Rose Spa with a smoother, deeply hydrated, firm, and refreshed complexion, with your skin glowing.

Why Choose The Rose Spa For Your Facial?

The Rose Spa is the premier skincare clinic in Utah. In addition to tailoring each facial to your specific skin tone, texture, and issues, we also offer a wide variety of medical-grade skincare products to help you manage your skin in-between treatments, including products from IS Clinical, Hylunia + Hymed, and SkinMedica.

We work with each of our clients at The Rose Spa to not just meet, but to exceed your expectations for all your skincare needs. Please contact us to schedule a consultation with our Master Esthetician today!

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