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Vein Treatment (Sclerotherapy)

Many people experience visible leg veins, commonly called “spider veins,” appearing due to pregnancy, age, weight gain, hormonal changes, injuries, and other reasons. Spider veins have also been associated with prolonged sitting and standing, causing an increase in pressure on the veins in the legs. This concern is so common that it is estimated that about half of the population over 50 years old has spider veins.

Visible veins are not only a visual or cosmetic concern but can also result in painful symptoms. Spider veins and varicose veins are most frequently seen in the calves, thighs, and ankles, but they can appear anywhere. These visible veins begin to appear during our 20s and become more visible as a part of the aging process. At The Rose Spa, we provide vein treatment to effectively address these visible veins.

What is vein treatment (sclerotherapy)?

Vein treatment, also called sclerotherapy, is a minimally-invasive treatment that addresses visible veins. Sclerotherapy achieves an improved cosmetic appearance by causing the veins to fade and disappear.

During sclerotherapy, injections into the vein structure are performed. What is injected is called “sclerosant,” a hardening solution. The sclerosant solution shrinks the targeted veins. These veins begin to fade and then disappear in the following weeks.

Sclerotherapy is an effective, simple, and painless treatment that takes only about an hour to perform.

What causes spider veins?

All veins contain valves that allow blood to travel in toward the heart. A weakening of the valves in the veins near the surface of the skin can be caused by pressure, hormones, injury, sun damage, or other factors. This allows some of the blood to flow backward and accumulate in the veins. The accumulated blood pools and causes the veins to become visible and the vein walls to weaken. These walls may bulge outward over time, causing varicose veins.

How does sclerotherapy address visible veins?

The sclerotherapy technique is a short, simple treatment. During the treatment, a small needle is used to inject a solution into the spider veins and/or varicose veins designated for treatment.

The solution irritates the vein and destroys the inner lining, disabling it. The vein can no longer carry blood. It is replaced with scar tissue, effectively reducing discoloration and bulging.

Visible veins carry very little blood, which means that sealing and disabling them does not pose a health risk. The blood that had pooled in the veins will now flow into healthier and deeper blood vessels, helping to improve circulation.

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What happens during a vein treatment?

Your treatment will vary based on the number of veins being addressed and the size and location of the veins. Vein treatment requires no local or general anesthesia because the procedure is not particularly uncomfortable. However, for patients who would prefer it, a numbing cream can be applied.

The treatment area is carefully cleaned with alcohol. As your injections are administered into your veins with a small needle, you may feel some mild pain or cramping. This is more noticeable when the veins being treated are larger.

A gentle massage is then performed on the area to help stop blood from flowing to the vein structure, as well as assist in dispensing the solution more thoroughly. Once the treatment is complete, there is no downtime or significant recovery period.

Sclerotherapy treatment aftercare

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Some patients will need to wear a compression garment for about a week or two to help reduce swelling. During this time, mild exercise is recommended to help increase blood circulation. Dr. Rose will provide aftercare instructions to help patients during the mild recovery period after vein treatment.

Follow these aftercare tips to improve healing:

  • Use ice packs to help resolve discomfort or possible bruising.
  • Walk for 20 to 30 minutes after your sclerotherapy session.
  • Wearing compression socks for 3 to 7 days after your treatment will assist in getting the best results.
  • Wait to engage in strenuous exercise for a few days after your treatment.

Results after vein treatment

After sclerotherapy, spider veins and small varicose veins fade and disappear over a period of three to six weeks. Larger varicose veins may require three to four months to resolve completely. In many cases, multiple treatments may be needed to achieve the results you desire. Typically, patients have an average of three to four treatments in intervals of four-to-six weeks.

In addition to the initial cosmetic effects achieved by treating visible veins, sclerotherapy ensures a recurrence of the visible vein is prevented. Vein treatments address the feeder veins that provide the blood flow to the spider or varicose veins.

What are the benefits of sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy provides more benefits than cosmetic improvements. Vein treatment can resolve a range of concerns connected to visible veins. Benefits include the following:

  • Effectively diminishes and eliminates visible veins
  • Resolves the aching and burning sensation varicose veins cause
  • Resolves vein swelling
  • Resolves leg cramps connected to varicose veins
  • Improves confidence
  • Short procedure (generally 20-60 minutes)
  • No downtime–patients can return to their regular activities immediately

Who is a candidate for sclerotherapy?

People who have visible veins and would like to effectively resolve them may be candidates for sclerotherapy. It is safe and effective for all skin types. Ideal candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • Are generally in good health
  • Have small, irregular spider veins
  • Have varicose or spider veins that bulge
  • Are experiencing swelling, aching, or pain due to varicose veins
  • Do not have a history of blood clots or a bleeding disorder
  • Are not pregnant or nursing

Does sclerotherapy have any risks or side effects?

Vein treatment is a safe, low-risk procedure. There may be mild side effects, such as the following:

  • An itchy sensation, slight bruising, or a tender sensation at the injection site.
  • Veins feel initially hard or lumpy. This feeling slowly dissolves during the following weeks.
  • Tiny veins developing around the injection site (these slowly disappear).
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What is the cost of vein treatment?

At The Rose Spa, each 15-minute treatment is $400. Patients may need several treatments to achieve their aesthetic goals.

Why choose The Rose Spa for vein treatments?

Your treatments at The Rose Spa are personalized for you. Our practice is a comfortable, welcoming environment where you are always our first priority. Treatments are performed with advanced, state-of-the-art technology and techniques provided by our team of experienced nurse practitioners and medical assistants. All treatments are given under the expert direction of board-certified surgeon Dr. Kevin Rose. To learn more about sclerotherapy at The Rose Spa, please call today!

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