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IV Therapy

Whether you need a boost, would like to jumpstart your metabolism, improve your immunity, or simply want to enhance your overall health, IV therapy can provide.

IV therapy not only achieves a range of beauty enhancements, such as glowing skin, brighter eyes, stronger nails and hair, and others, it is an effective health treatment that heals, renews, and stimulates the body.

What is IV Therapy?

Intravenous therapy, more commonly called IV therapy, directly delivers nutrients and fluids into the body through the veins. IV fluids contain a customized blend of vitamins and minerals formulated to deliver hydrating fluids and enriching nutrients rapidly into your bloodstream and body. Because this treatment is intravenous, this fast-acting therapy achieves immediate results.

What does IV therapy accomplish?

The older you are, the more difficult for the digestive system to absorb nutrients. At the same time, many vitamin tablets designed to make up for a lack of nutrients in our regular diet also don’t absorb easily, even for younger patients. When vitamins and supplements are less effective, IV therapy bypasses the digestive system to deliver the nutrients directly into the body. Your body craves these nutrients, causing them to be quickly absorbed and used immediately. Thus, the effects are noticeable right away.

The vitamins and nutrients in IV therapy are considerably more potent. The effects are much more substantial than the effects of oral vitamins and minerals. IV therapy boosts immunity, helps to maintain youth and beauty, and enhances your health.

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What are the aesthetic and health concerns that can be treated with IV therapy?

Health concerns addressed with IV therapy
  • Irritated skin
  • Slow metabolism
  • Hangover effects
  • Fatigue
  • Chronic stress
  • Migraines
  • Depression
  • Colds and flu
  • Infections
  • Inflammation
  • And more
Beauty concerns addressed with IV therapy
  • Dull skin
  • Dull eyes and shadows under the eyes
  • Lackluster hair
  • Slow-growing hair and nails
  • Thin nails
  • Slow metabolism/difficulty losing weight
  • Signs of age
  • And more

IV Therapy treatment options at The Rose Clinic

We offer the following treatment options for patients who would like to improve their health, achieve more radiant and supple skin, boost their metabolism, and more. Treatment options are as follows:


Vitamin complex: biotin, ascorbic acid, B12

The Beauty IV Therapy helps achieve glowing skin, stronger hair and nails, fewer fine lines, deep skin hydration, and a range of other positive effects. The result is a refreshed, radiant, and more youthful appearance.


Vitamin Complex: zinc, ascorbic acid, B12, and glutathione

Our Immunity IV Therapy helps boost energy, ward off illness and infection, reduce PMS, and achieve a positive boost in general health


Vitamin complex: Amino acids complex, ascorbic acid, B12, mineral blend

The Heal IV is a powerful combination treatment that helps improve general wellness, significantly help to heal a wide variety of illnesses, and resolve and reduce injuries.


Vitamin complex: Amino acid complex, ascorbic acid, B12, l-carnitine

The Power IV Therapy helps turn carbohydrates into energy and manufacture new protein for greater power, keeping your body balanced and highly functioning. This IV banishes fatigue and low mood, helping achieve a stronger, brighter, healthier you.


Vitamin complex: Magnesium chloride, ascorbic acid, B12, calcium gluconate

Our Classic IV restores hydration, alleviates inflammation and low energy levels, restores balance to mind and body, and achieves a general boost in energy, health, and mood.


Vitamin complex: l-arginine, L-carnitine, ascorbic acid, B12

Our Burn IV Therapy does just that: burn fat. This Burn IV purges toxins, boosts the metabolism, helps the body turn fat into energy, and enhances your liver’s ability to do its job.

What are the general benefits of IV therapy?

IV therapy treatments ensure vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are quickly and easily absorbed by the body to achieve immediate improvements and benefits, ranging from aesthetic enhancements to health improvements. Benefits include the following:

  • A faster metabolism
  • Reduced migraines
  • A lower chance of colds, flu and infections
  • Reduces the effects of colds, flu and infections
  • Helps achieve thicker, shinier hair
  • Helps achieve stronger, healthier nails
  • Achieves glowing, revitalized skin and a more beautiful skin tone
  • Helps achieve brighter eyes
  • A more alert, awake state of mind
  • Relieves the effects of a hangover
  • Reduces stress and depression
  • Short, easy treatment
  • No recovery period

What is the cost of IV Therapy?

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At The Rose Clinic, IV Therapy is $175 for each treatment.

Package Specials:

Three-treatment Package: $499

Five-treatment Package: $800

Ten-treatment Package: $1,500

What happens during an IV therapy treatment?

We personalize your treatment for you to ensure your IV therapy addresses exactly what you would like to target. We will consult with you and design your treatment to meet your health and beauty goals.

Once your treatment has been settled on, you will lie back on a comfortable patient table or treatment chair and relax. We will gently inject a needle into your arm, through which the IV fluids will be directly delivered into your bloodstream. As your treatment progresses, you can read, be on your phone, or have a nap.

Generally, IV therapy takes about an hour. You will be able to feel the effects almost immediately as the fluid is delivered into your body. You will feel better and more energized. Results will last for several days.

Why choose The Rose Clinic for IV Therapy?

At The Rose Clinic, patients can relax in a welcoming, comfortable, and private environment where treatments are modern, professional, and effective. Our team of experienced, highly-trained nurse practitioners and medical assistants is dedicated to ensuring your treatments are effective, customized, and designed to achieve the results you desire. All treatments at The Rose Clinic are performed under the supervision of board-certified surgeon Dr. Kevin Rose. To find out more about IV therapy at The Rose Clinic and what it can achieve for you, please call to schedule a consultation.

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