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Dr. Kevin Rose is a highly-respected, exceptionally skilled plastic surgeon serving the Salt Lake City area.

He has garnered a reputation for excellence in plastic surgery techniques and results, with many personal referrals from patients who have experienced his care, artistry, and warm, genuine kindness. Dr. Rose has made it his mission to enhance and improve the lives of every patient. Not all plastic surgeons have the gift of artistry and an eye for balance and harmony.

In performing plastic surgery procedures, Dr. Rose focuses on creating the most aesthetically pleasing, natural-looking, tasteful outcomes, based upon the unique anatomy of the individual patient.

Dr. Kevin Rose Discusses The Rose Clinic

Dr. Kevin Rose discusses his comprehensive aesthetic center, The Rose Clinic, which includes a surgical center, recovery area, and medical spa where everything a patient needs can be found under one roof. Services include surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, a skincare line, and post-surgery massage therapy. Dr. Rose talks about his outstanding staff, what sets him apart, what people look for most in a physician, and the effective marriage between art and science.

Plastic Surgeon Utah

A True Professional in the Field of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Rose is a leader in plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures, and focuses his practice on performing advanced aesthetic enhancements for body and face including:

Your Health and Safety is our

Beyond achieving the most pleasing, aesthetic, natural-looking results, Dr. Rose manages every detail of the patient experience, with all critical health and safety procedures rigorously maintained. Every aspect of your visit at The Rose Clinic is important, and Dr. Rose has established a discreet, beautiful office space so you feel comfortable, confident, and cared for from the moment you enter. He caters to each patient, giving them all the time they need in consultations and during treatment and recovery.

The services, surgical talent, and impressive aesthetic results have brought Dr. Rose countless new patients through personal referrals and word-of-mouth from across Utah and surrounding states, and locally from the areas of Salt Lake City, Provo, and nearby communities. We are pleased to have garnered a reputation for the surgical talents of Dr. Rose, his impressive surgical outcomes, and for his commitment to patient-centered care.

An Artist’s Eye and the Hands of a Skilled Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rose is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons and the author of published scholarly articles on various plastic surgery techniques, including being known for his participation in developing an innovative treatment for migraine headaches. He understands his patients and how body image can impact feelings of self-confidence and wellbeing, and seeks to create the most aesthetically pleasing outcome for every surgical procedure he performs. He has the dexterous hands of a skilled, highly-trained plastic surgeon coupled with an artist’s eye.

You can meet with Dr. Rose personally in a one-on-one consultation to discuss your cosmetic concerns and find out about the treatment that can restore your confidence, self-esteem, and enhance every aspect of your daily life.

Plastic Surgeon Utah

Body Sculpting and Breast Enhancement Technology at its Best

Your body may have changed over the years, or you may have a genetic makeup that leaves you with excess fat on your thighs, back, tummy, love handles, or another issue that makes you feel uncomfortable and unhappy. Modern plastic surgery technology makes it possible to slim and trim the body, reshaping it, or restoring it to a more youthful contour.

If you are living with a body image that makes you feel less confident, our goal is to provide you with the appearance you envision and create the body shape and contour that is more youthful, vital, and appealing. Reach out to us and schedule a consultation with Dr. Rose. We are here to help you get the body shape that makes you feel attractive, empowered, and happy with your appearance.

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