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Complex Revision
Breast Surgery

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After an initial breast augmentation or other breast enhancement procedure, complications or poor surgical practices can lead to asymmetry, capsular contracture (scar tissue forming around the implant), implant displacement, and other aesthetic issues with the breasts. It can be disappointing after going through the initial procedure and be left with breasts that do not appear as you had envisioned. Dr. Kevin Rose of The Rose Clinic in Provo, Utah is exceptionally experienced in breast enhancement and revision surgeries, and wants to help you achieve the symmetric, soft, rounded, natural-looking breasts you envision for yourself. His attention to detail and artistic eye, combined with the most advanced techniques, can help you resolve any issues you are experiencing with your breasts.

Breast implants that have hardened, rupture or deflation, breasts that appear uneven in shape, size and placement, or implants that have moved to a different location on the chest or can be easily felt through the skin can all be resolved with the help of our skilled breast revision surgeon.

The Rose Clinic: Breast Surgery

With a very comprehensive approach to breast surgery, Dr. Kevin Rose addresses many areas of concern for patients. While performing breast surgery to enhance size, shape and volume; correct deformities or asymmetry, or reduce size, Dr. Rose takes the procedure to the next level in order to perfect the framing of the breast and achieve the ideal breast form for the patient.

Types of
Breast Revisions

Some breast revisions are done for aesthetic reasons while others are for medical reasons. Here are some common forms of breast revision:

Modifying Existing Implants

Whether you’d like to change the size of existing implants, adjust the positioning, or take the implants out completely, this type of breast revision can typically be performed in the existing incision sites from your initial procedure. If your existing implants are ruptured and leaking, this type of revision can replace older or defective implants.

Changing Nipple or Areola Positioning

Over time the nipple and areola and breast tissue can change due to weight loss, pregnancy, or complications from a previous surgery. This type of revision can reposition the nipple and areola to be higher and centered correctly.

Capsular Contracture

This condition comes about when scar tissue, often leading to pain and a strange, unnatural appearance. The existing implant, scar tissue, and capsule will be removed and new implants placed correctly and the breast tissue can be adjusted, removed or tightened to create a youthful, full look.

Recovery time will vary based on the complexity of the revision procedure, but you can expect recovery time to be similar to what you experienced in your initial procedure. Some complex, recurrent cases benefit from placement of a special matrix.

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Risks & Recovery

You will be given detailed post-operative instructions and a follow-up appointment with Dr. Rose to ensure you are healing properly. You will be prescribed an antibiotic as well as pain medication to alleviate common symptoms of the healing process. Serious side effects are rare but your doctor will alert you of any risks and their symptoms. Carefully adhering to the aftercare instructions and taking antibiotics as prescribed reduces the risk of complications. If capsular contracture was treated, you will be prescribed special medications to help prevent recurrence.

Come to Salt Lake City, Utah for Your Breast Revision Surgery

Your confidence and femininity can be negatively impacted by poor surgical practices, surgery errors, breast implants that are too large, too small, asymmetrical, drooping, or for women who have older implants that must be replaced. A breast revision surgery can resolve problems associated with your initial procedure and restore youthful fullness and symmetry to your breasts. Dr. Kevin Rose has been in practice since 2004 and is respected for his commitment to achieving natural-looking results, and his extensive experience with breast revision procedures. He delivers compassionate, individualized care and uses the most advanced procedures and technology.

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