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eMatrix (Sublative RF)

As we get older, it becomes more and more obvious that we wear our lives on our skin. Our laugh lines deepen, stress wrinkles on our foreheads become more pronounced, and decades of sun exposure usually paint an un tapestry across our complexion. Sure, some of this aging can look distinguished and be evidence of a life well lived and wisdom accumulated.

But most of us would love nothing more than to roll the clock back (even just a little) to look younger, healthier, and happier again. At the same time, many of the modern solutions out there for anti aging produce unpredictable results or are filled with chemicals we may not want pumped into our bodies. That’s why here at The Rose Clinic we are proud to offer our eMatrix laser skin resurfacing solutions.

What is eMatrix?

eMatrix laser skin resurfacing procedures are 100% approved by the FDA and designed to gently resurface, smooth, and restore your skin while leaving out your complexion at the same time.

Engineered to tighten up skin that has loosened over the years, to even out your skin’s complexion as well as its texture, and even able to eliminate minor wrinkles (like laugh lines, for example) completely, this is a revolutionary new laser treatment unlike anything else.

The real secret behind the effectiveness of our eMatrix procedures is the inclusion of radio frequency energy technology used in conjunction with the laser resurfacing solutions.

This RF technology generates quite a bit of intense heat beneath the surface of your skin, stimulating collagen and elastin production while producing happier, healthier, younger looking skin cells at every layer of your dermis.

What Does eMatrix Treat?

Our eMatrix solutions can be used to even out your complexion, to smooth out your skin and its texture (eliminating scarring from acne, for example), and to reset the clock on your skin at the same time.

The laser resurfacing component of the eMatrix procedure works to tackle the exterior layers of your skin, resurfacing and smoothing things out from the outside in.

The RF technology, the other hand, works from the inside out to improve elastin and collagen production that tightens your skin, closes large pores, and gives your skin a more youthful and healthy glow.

Benefits of eMatrix

The benefits of eMatrix procedures conducted at The Rose Clinic are numerous, including:

  • The ability to treat a multitude of skin conditions, ranging from acne scarring to stretch marks to freckles, wrinkles, and sun damage (and everything in between)
  • Quick results that almost immediately noticeable, but that compound with each treatment to improve your skin on a semi permanent basis
  • The fact that this treatment is completely safe for most every area of skin on your body, including your neck, your chest, your hands, and your face–while also being safe for all skin tones
  • The process itself is generally pretty pain-free, with the procedure only lasting between 10 minutes and 20 minutes each session

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Am I a Good Candidate for eMatrix?

Anyone unhappy with the way their skin looks will likely be a quality candidate for the eMatrix procedures from The Rose Clinic. The beauty of this procedure is that it has such transformative results across a wide variety of skin issues.

Scarring, stretch marks, wrinkles, sunspots, age lines, uneven complexion issues, and loose skin can all be remedied with the help of eMatrix procedures.

What is Recovery Like?

eMatrix Utah

Though the procedure itself is quite painless (and will only ever take between 10 minutes and 20 minutes to perform, maximum) the recovery process will inevitably introduce some redness, some itchiness, and maybe even a bit of swelling.

These issues are usually only ever present during the first few eMatrix procedures, dissipating or disappearing completely for all follow-on appointments.

Those with particularly sensitive skin (or those that choose to move forward with the highest energy applications) will want to plan ahead, moisturizing their skin more aggressively than they would have otherwise while planning on four or five days of peeling, flaking, or redness.

Why Should I Choose The Rose Clinic for eMatrix?

Home to some of the most talented plastic surgeons, aestheticians, and support staff anywhere in the United States, the results driven reputation that Dr. Kevin Rose and the team at The Rose Clinic enjoy is second to none.

There’s a reason why people from all over the country (as well as the world, really) are happy to travel out to Utah and have Dr. Rose and his team help them find the modern version of the Fountain of Youth.

If you’d like to learn more about how The Rose Clinic can help you look and feel years younger, or if you’d like to schedule an initial consultation, contact the offices directly at 801-375-7673 at your earliest convenience.

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