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Good bone structure is the foundation of a beautiful, balanced face. Even subtle changes to this framework can make a dramatic difference in the proportion and symmetry of the face. Some people are lucky enough to be born with great facial bones, but many of us long for more prominent cheekbones or a stronger chin.

Dr. Kevin Rose can perform Facial Fat Grafting at his Provo, Utah practice to enhance your bone structure using fat grafting techniques.

About Facial Fat Grafting

Unlike facelift surgery, which is used to reduce signs of aging in the lower face and neck, Dr. Rose uses fat grafting to help patients achieve more pronounced cheekbones or a chin that is in better proportion with the rest of the face.

Some patients have always been unhappy with certain features, and in other cases, aging has caused the chin to recede or the cheeks to take on a flatter appearance. By simply placing a small, silicone implant beneath the tissue, the area gains instant volume that can bring all of the facial features into balance and harmony. In some situations, Facial Fat Grafting can be used along with other procedures such as a neck lift or rhinoplasty to achieve outstanding results.

Facial Fat Grafting

Facial Fat Grafting enhancements are commonly inserted through small incisions inside the mouth or under the chin, so visible scarring is not a concern. This technique has been safely used for decades, and are left in place permanently. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia for utmost comfort, and recovery is very quick. To ensure the highest possible rate of fat survival, 10 to 15 sessions of hyperbaric oxygen treatments are highly recommended.

Results are immediately visible, and once the swelling has subsided, you will be ready to show off the newly enhanced you!

To learn more about facial plastic surgery in the Salt Lake City, Orem and Provo, Utah area, click here to request your cosmetic surgery consultation with Dr. Rose. Or you can call the Rose Clinic at 801-375-ROSE (7673) and one of our helpful staff members will schedule your appointment.

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