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IPL Photo Facial

The skin is the largest organ of the body and certainly the one subject to the most wear and tear over the years. Time remains undefeated and the aging process inevitably comes for each of us. But that doesn’t mean that we have to like it or that we have to surrender to this inevitability.

With interventions like the IPL Photo Facial, we can roll back the clock almost instantly, rejuvenating everything from sun damage and stretch marks to wrinkles, creases, and age spots. Here at The Rose Spa, we specialize in providing IPL Photo Facials that leave our patients looking and feeling years younger, and doing so faster than they would have thought possible.

What is an IPL Photo Facial?

The IPL Photo Facial, sometimes called pulsed light therapy procedures, are administered by our team of specialists here at The Rose Spa to deliver a broad spectrum of light to targeted areas on your skin.

This spectrum of light pulses penetrates beneath the outer layer of our skin, triggering a cascade of biochemical reactions throughout the lower (healthier) layers of our skin to restore it from the inside out.

Activating both hemoglobin and melanin throughout the skin, your wrinkles, creases, sunspots, laugh lines, and complexion irregularities are melted away with this pain-free intervention.

On top of that, IPL Photo Facials also improve blood flow throughout your skin. This helps your skin not only look healthier and younger, but feel softer and more resilient, too.

What Do IPL Photo Facials Treat?

There are a variety of situations that call for IPL Photo Facials, but in a broad sense this procedure is recommended at The Rose Spa to combat blemishes, pigmentation issues, wrinkles, freckles, fine lines and wrinkles.

This effective anti aging treatment can also be used to eliminate the appearance of broken capillaries as well as broken blood vessels, and effectively nullify the appearance of rosacea and hyperpigmentation.

Patients of The Rose Spa have also been able to eliminate sun damage, aging spots, spider veins, and freckles as well as wrinkles, creases, and fine lines with the help of this procedure.

Benefits of the IPL Photo Facial

IPL Photo Facials deliver numerous benefits including:

  • The easy, pain-free, and (almost) instant elimination of blemishes on your face
  • A targeted approach to even out your complexion
  • A permanent solution to eliminate rosacea and the appearance of redness
  • A total reversal of dark circles under your eyes, broken blood vessels, and “spider veins”
  • No more sun damage, age spots, or brown blemishes

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Am I a Good Candidate for an IPL Photo Facial?

Good candidates for the IPL Photo Facial at The Rose Spa are individuals that want to rejuvenate and restore their skin, roll back the clock on their appearance 10, 15, or 20 years, all while stimulating healthy and younger looking skin from here on out.

This procedure provides long-lasting benefits that are almost immediately noticeable. After that, a handful of follow-up procedures (strategically spaced out in collaboration with The Rose Spa) can maintain these results for years, if not decades.

What is IPL Photo Facial Recovery Like?

IPL Photo Facial Utah

Recovery is pretty straightforward and begins immediately after the treatment has concluded. The team at The Rose Spa will clean your skin, removing the IPL Photo Facial gel while moisturizing your skin at the same time. Applying makeup to your face immediately after your procedure isn’t recommended, though you should be able to do so an hour or two afterwards as soon the slight redness and potential puffiness dissipates.

It is recommended that individuals stay out of direct sunlight for at least seven days after this procedure has concluded. It’s never a bad idea to use sunscreen regularly, either, but you want to be sure that you are taking extra care to protect your skin for a couple weeks after your IPL Photo Facial appointment.

Why Should I Choose The Rose Spa for a IPL Photo Facial?

Dr. Kevin Rose and the team of aesthetician experts at The Rose Spa enjoy a near legendary reputation for helping their patients not only look but feel years younger. The clinic itself is filled with cutting edge technology, the experts employed here are amongst the best in the world at what they do, and the entire focus of this clinic revolves around making sure that every patient walks out feeling (and looking) better than they did when they walked in.

For more information, or to set up an initial consultation, contact Though Rose Clinic today at 801-375-7673.

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