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After an experience like cancer, a mastectomy or lumpectomy can leave you feeling self-conscious about your breasts. Once you’ve healed from such an event, its physical repercussions can leave you feeling less confident. Our Salt Lake City Breast reconstruction is a surgery performed to restore symmetry and fullness to your breasts after a mastectomy or other trauma. It involves a few different procedures to restore your breasts to their normal shape and symmetry.

The process is geared to restore attractive, shapely breasts. The professionals at The Rose Clinic in Provo, Utah are experienced in breast reconstruction procedures and can guide you through treatment.

The Rose Clinic: Breast Surgery

With a very comprehensive approach to breast surgery, Dr. Kevin Rose addresses many areas of concern for patients. While performing breast surgery to enhance size, shape and volume; correct deformities or asymmetry, or reduce size, Dr. Rose takes the procedure to the next level in order to perfect the framing of the breast and achieve the ideal breast form for the patient.

Steps to
Breast Reconstruction

Reconstructive surgery can involve a few different procedures, but the following are common steps for breast reconstruction:


Dr. Rose will administer general anesthesia to reduce pain and make you more comfortable for the procedure.

Flap technique

If part or all of the breast tissue is removed due to a mastectomy, there may not be enough tissue left to accommodate an implant. A flap is taken using existing skin, muscle, and fat, and is repositioned to the breast area. Flaps may be from the abdomen, back, or buttocks area. The attached skin and muscle will help to support the new breast implant, or can be used without an implant for smaller breasts.

Tissue Expansion

In certain cases, our Utah plastic surgeon may use a tissue expansion rather than a flap technique. An expander device is placed inside your breast and requires multiple visits back to our clinic to slowly fill the expander and stretch the skin to accommodate implants. Once the skin is adequately stretched, the expander is removed and is replaced with a permanent implant. Your doctor will discuss both options with you and determine which is best for your situation. Those who have ongoing cancer treatments after a mastectomy may need to complete treatment before the breasts are restored.

Implant Positioning

Whether you decide on a flap technique with an implant, or the tissue expansion method, an implant is placed. Silicone and saline varieties are available and there are different levels of firmness, shape, and size. The implant will be inserted and positioned to your wishes, or to match the other breast.

Nipple and Areola Reconstruction

The last step of the procedure is recreating the nipple and areola using skin grafts or other techniques. Our surgeon will discuss which technique is right for your case.

Immediate Breast Reconstruction

In some cases, our Utah breast reconstruction procedures can take place in the same surgery as the mastectomy.

Schedule Consultation

After surgery is complete, your incisions will be closed and bandaged to minimize movement during the healing process. Your doctor will give you detailed post-operative instructions before you leave and schedule a follow-up appointment to make sure your new breasts are healing as they should.

Risks & Recovery

There are risks associated with any surgery, and Dr. Rose carefully manages every aspect of your procedure. You will receive prescriptions for pain medication and antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection and treat any pain in the early stages of recovery. Your results will be visible immediately, but continue to improve as the days and weeks pass. Recovery will continue for several weeks. After the incisions are healed, you will see the results of your surgery and your lovely, plump, new breasts.

Breast Reconstruction
in Salt Lake City, Utah

After a traumatic experience or after a mastectomy for breast cancer, loss of breast tissue and symmetry can be a very emotional side effect of a difficult situation. The clinicians at Dr. Rose’s facility will guide you through the reconstruction process with compassionate care and guidance. Dr. Rose has been in practice for 12 years and is highly respected for his breast augmentation and breast enhancement procedures. His artistic eye and ability to create natural-looking breasts through reconstruction surgery in the Salt Lake City area can help you restore your self-confidence in body image. Contact us for arguably the greatest breast reconstruction Utah has to offer.

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