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Treating Orem Patients

Often listed as one of the best places to live in the United States, Orem, Utah is a perfect family town and only a quick 15-minute drive to The Rose Clinic in Provo. With a city so dedicated to the welfare of children as demonstrated by its investment into a new water playground and its “All-together Playground” that includes features for special needs children, Orem is home to many young families and adults who are now seeing the first signs of aging.

Plastic surgery is not just for older persons who want a younger look – many of our patients are younger and choosing to undergo a procedure to create a more sculpted body or more attractive facial appearance. Whether you are concerned about seeing those first wrinkles or want a more sculpted, defined look, we can help you look and feel vibrant and attractive – no matter what your age.

As we are local to Orem, patients often come to The Rose Clinic as they have heard through word-of-mouth that Dr. Rose is one of the best plastic surgeons in the state – or have seen the results of his excellent work on their friends or associates. If you are having trouble finding the perfect Orem Plastic Surgeon, then look no further. Learn more about us today and give us a call.

What Makes The Rose Clinic and Dr. Rose Unique?

Unfortunately, not all plastic surgery centers adhere to the same comprehensive patient experience as we provide. The doctor may be competent, but may offer a smaller range of services, or be missing that critical X-factor -- artistry. The staff may be inexperienced and unable to deliver the necessary level of compassion, knowledge and care that is so important to the overall patient experience. We believe that a relaxing, comfortable environment and a staff who is always there to answer your questions and concerns contributes enormously to our excellent results and smooth, uneventful, and faster recovery time.

Our patients tell us time and again comments such as this one, posted by our patient: “I went to 5 different doctors and chose you. Knowing different results with people that I know, I am pretty sure that those other doctors would have done a fine job. After going to your office and the experience that I had with you and your staff, I knew that you were the doctor for me. You are the most professional doctor that I saw...You have a way of making people feel at ease as much as possible.”

Dr. Rose is recognized as one of Utah’s most accomplished plastic surgeons by others in his field, along with nurses, physical therapists and other medical professionals.

Plastic Surgery Orem

Our Range of Services: Your Unique Needs

Every patient who comes to us for help is different. We have never had two patients with identical needs and requirements. For this reason, we have created multiple lines of service to help achieve the dreams of the individual. Many of these services and procedures can be artfully combined in the same treatment.

Beauty is as natural as a rose and, Dr. Rose is both a skilled surgeon and an artist in his approach to plastic surgery. The surgeon corrects but the artist creates. Even the most carefully-performed plastic surgery will be less aesthetic without an eye for symmetry, balance, and harmony with other face or body features.

Our services cover all the essential areas:

  • Breasts: Some need fuller dimensions, some less, and some just need a lift. Often breasts are addressed with other areas such as the midsection or areas of stubborn fat.
  • Body: We offer every advanced procedure to create a more sculpted and youthful you.
  • Face: This is what people see the most and often it is in the face were first impressions are made. As time marches on, the effects of aging become more pronounced. Our procedures can slow this process and have you looking fresh in the meantime.
  • Non-surgical: Injectables and dermal fillers are quick, offer dramatic improvements, and last a long time.

Contact us today and schedule consultation at The Rose Clinic for arguably the best plastic surgery Orem and beyond has to offer.

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