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Plastic Surgery in Provo, Utah

Home to the Brigham Young University, several world-class museums, and a thriving center of technology, Provo is generally regarded to be one of the most beautiful cities in the U.S. It is a dynamic community full of people leading active, healthy lifestyles. It is also home to The Rose Clinic and Dr. Rose’s widely-praised cosmetic rejuvenation practice.

What Makes the Rose Clinic Special?

Dr. Kevin Rose is highly regarded for his exceptional skill in bringing together proven, advanced plastic surgery techniques and a high sense of aesthetics typically found only in painters and sculptors. A high percentage of his patients come from word-of-mouth. Dr. Rose is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons and is a well-regarded scholar in his field, having published a number of articles on advanced surgical techniques and innovative non-invasive practices.

When you arrive for your first consultation, you will get the full benefit of Dr. Rose’s professional training and experience. There is nothing rote about cosmetic surgery and non-invasive rejuvenation. Every patient is unique and Dr. Rose will guide you through available choices you can make to achieve natural-looking results. The doctor also manages every step of your treatment and recovery to ensure your comfort and rapid recovery.

How Can We Help You?

Because our entire team here at The Rose Clinic is patient-focused and passionate about the quality of your experience, our extensive range of services allows us to best help you realize the fresh new look of your dreams.

An Array of Aesthetic Treatments

Dr. Kevin Rose offers a wide array of aesthetic treatments, from surgical to non-surgical, including:

Important Note

Having the correct procedure done – one that can produce the desired result – is vital, but just as important is choosing the right doctor to perform it. Your health and safety is our top priority as we work to create fresh and natural-looking results as you’ve envisioned.

A highly skilled and experienced surgeon such as Dr. Rose routinely produces results with less concern about complications and faster recovery times.

Plastic Surgery Provo

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If you’ve wondered if cosmetic surgery or non-surgical cosmetic enhancement could make a difference in your looks, if you’d like to turn back the clock a bit on the signs of aging, or if you have a functional issue such as a deviated septum, you owe it to yourself to call us for a consultation.

Your consultation with Dr. Rose will take as long as necessary to discuss your issue and examine your options and their intended results. You may be surprised to find that what you need is a lot simpler than you thought. Whatever the outcome, it is likely your self-confidence and esteem will soar and significantly increase the quality of your life.

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